Robert O. Ackley

Sarles & Ouimet

500 Lake Street, Suite 109

Mundelien, IL  60060

Phone:  (847)566-7101

            Business/Commericial Litigation

            Real Estate Law & Litigation

            Criminal Appeals

            Juvenile Law


Ryan M. Ahern

McHenry County Public Defender's Office

2200 N. Seminary Avenue

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)334-4169  Fax:  (815)334-4692

Email:  rmahern@co.mchenry.il.us

Website:  www.co.mchenry.il.us


Nicholas E. Alexander

Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC

101 South Benton Street

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone: (815)337-7700 Fax: (815)337-7990

Email: nalexander@lawgr.com

Firm Website: www.lawgr.com

Meaghan E. Alexander

Prime Law Group, LLC

747 S. Eastwood Drive (Rt. 47)

Woodstock, IL  60098

Phone: (815)338-2040 Fax: (815)338-0526

Firm Website:  www.primelawgroup.com


            Intellectual Properties

            Estate Law

            Debt Collection/Creditor Rights


Neil J. Anderson

Neil J. Anderson, P.C.

1927 Main Street

Spring Grove, IL  60081

Phone:  (815)675-6712  Fax:  (815)675-6659

Email:  andersonlaw@mchsi.com



Real Property

Personal Injury


Tracey K. Annen

Law Office of Tracey K. Annen, P.C.

35 Burdent Drive, Suite K

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:   (815)382-0718  Fax:  (815)516-8421

Email:  annen@sbcglobal.net


            Real Property

            Estate Law

            Appellate Law


Melinda E. Appelman

Law Office of Melinda E. Appelman, P.C.

101 North Virginia Street, Suite 220

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)356-3089 Fax:  (815)459-9660

Email:  appelman@melindalaw.com

            Family Law

            Real Property


Carlos S. Arévalo

Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle

50 Virginia Street

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815) 459-2050 Fax:  (815) 459-9057

Email: carevalo@zrfmlaw.com

Firm Website:  www.zrfmlaw.com

            Municipal Law

Employment Law

            Real Property

            Foreign Language: Spanish