Michael T. Barrett

Law Office of J.D. Huls & Associates

530 Rockland Road

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)455-4755 Fax:  (815)455-5718

Email: michaelbarrettlaw@yahoo.com

            Consumer Bankruptcy

DUI/Traffic Tickets


Gregory J. Barry

Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle

50 Virginia Street

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)459-2050

Firm Website:  www.zrfmlaw.com

            Elder Law

            Intellectual Properties

            Estate Planning

            Real Property


Hon. Robert K. Beaderstadt

22nd Judicial Circuit Court

McHenry County Government Center

2200 N. Seminary Avenue

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)334-4385  Fax:  (815)338-0248     


James E. Berner

Caldwell, Berner & Caldwell, LLP- of Counsel

100-1/2 Cass Street

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)338-3300 Fax:  (815)338-0015

Firm Email:  cbc@caldwellberner.com


            Personal Injury


Delaine Frangos Birch

Birch Law SC

396 Fair Oaks Drive

Williams Bay, WI  53191

Phone:  (262)245-6605  Fax:  (262)245-5083

Email:  birch@birchlaw.org

Firm Website:  Birchlaw.org

            Real Property


James F. Bishop

James F. Bishop & Assoc.

550 W. Woodstock Street

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)455-0244 Fax:  (815)455-7124

Email: jfbishop33@yahoo.com

Firm Website: www.jbishoplaw.com

            Business/Corporate Law

            Real Estate/Zoning/Taxation Law

            Civil/Criminal Litigation

            Health/Liquor License Law


Ryan W. Blackney

Freeborn & Peters, LLP

311 South Wacker Drive, Suite 3000

Chicago, IL  60606-6683

Phone:  (312)360-6017  Fax:  (312)360-6572

Email:  rblackney@freeborn.com

Firm Website:  www.freeborn.com



            Fraud & Internal Investigations


William J. Bligh

The Law Office of David R. Gervais

4 Terra Cotta Avenue

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)459-2844 Fax:  (815)459-2848

Email: bill@gervaislaw.com

Firm Website:  www.gervaislaw.com




Traffic Tickets


Francisco J. Botto

Botto Gilbert Gehris Lancaster, P.C.

970 McHenry Avenue

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)338-3838 Fax:  (815)338-7817

Email: fbotto@bgllaw.net

Firm Website:  www.bgsllaw.com

Workers Compensation



Personal Injury


Margaret Bradshaw

Bradshaw Social Security Law, P.C.

110 South Johnson Street, Suite 212

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)337-4540

Firm Website:  www.SSDAtty.com

            Social Security Disability


Scott W. Brammer

Law Office of Scott W. Brammer

5447 Bull Valley Rd.

McHenry, IL 60050

Phone:  (815)344-4040 Fax:  (815)344-4112

Email: holeinwon66@hotmail.com

Firm Website:  www.scottbrammerlaw.com


            Family Law

            Real Property


Ward G. Brown

Michling Hofmann Plaza & Wick, P.C.

101 North Throop Street

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)338-9600  Fax:  (815)337-4005

Email:  wbrown@woodstocklawpros.com

Firm Websites: www.mhpw.info


            Contract Law/Consumer Enforcement

            Tort Law/Small Claims




Pamela S. Brunkalla

Law Office of Pamela Brunkalla

8015 South Hill Road

Marengo, IL  60152

Phone:  (815)347-4908 

Email:  pam@pamblaw.com

            Family Law



Richard Buelow

State's Attorney's Office

2200 N. Seminary Ave.

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)337-4159



Robert E. Burke

Attorney at Law

1509 N. Richmond Road

McHenry, IL 60050

Phone:  (815)344-4080

Email:  robert@roberteburke.com

Firm Website:  www.roberteburke.com


Family Law

Real Property

Wills & Trusts   


Thomas R. Burney

Law Office of Thomas R. Burney

40 Brink Street

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone: (815)356-2645

Email: tburney@zcwlaw.com

Firm Website: zcwlaw.com


Municipal Law

Economic Development Agreements        


Sara L. Busche

The Gitlin Law Firm

663 E Calhoun Street

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)338-9401

            Family Law


Renee Buxton

Buxton & Kasper

44 North Virginia Street, Suite 3A

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)455-9000 Fax:  (815)455-5539

Email: renee.buxton@buxtonkasper.com

Firm Website: www.buxtonkasper.org

            Family Law

            Appellate Law