James C. Economy

Law Office of James C. Economy

P.O. Box 422

Spring Grove, IL  60081

Phone:  (847)875-7475


            Family Law

            Real Property

            Estate Law


Jennifer L. Edlund

Larsen & Edlund

444 N. Northwest Hwy., Suite 155

Park Ridge, IL  60068

Phone:  (847)825-7600 Fax:  (847)692-7158

Email:  jedlund@larsenandedlund.com

Website: www.larsenandedlund.com


            Family Law

            Real Property

            Estate Law

Richard W. Eicksteadt

Attorney at Law

100 W Washington St

Marengo, IL 60152

Phone: (815)568-8071 Fax: (815)568-0003

Email: pmew@owc.net

Firm Website: www.marengolaw.com

Personal Injury

Workers Compensation

Municipal Law



H. Case Ellis

Law Office of H. Case Ellis

108 N. Walkup

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)459-1001 Fax:  (815)459-1249

Email: hcase@mc.net

Firm Website:  www.wemediate.info

            Mediation and Arbitration


William Elman

Elman & Ehardt Ltd.

100 S. Ayer St., Unit E

Harvard, IL 60033

Phone:  (815)943-4051 Fax:  (815)943-4086

Email:  elman@owc.net

            Real Property

            Estate Law

            Tort Law

            Workers Compensation


James D. Ellman

Scopelitis Garvin Light Hanson & Feary
30 W Monroe Street, Suite 600 
Chicago, IL 60603-2427

Phone:  (312)255-7200  Fax:  (312)422-1224

Email:  jellman@scopelitis.com

Firm Website:  www.scopelitis.com


            Personal Injury

            Insurance Defense


Melissa-Ann Evanchik

Laurence A. Wilbrandt, LTD

65 S. Virginia St.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)459-2721 Fax:  (815)459-2747

Firm Website: www.wilbrandtlaw.com

            Family Law