Cynthia D. Lamb

Campion, Curran, Lamb & Cunabaugh, P.C.

8600 Rte. 14, Ste. 201

Crystal Lake, IL 60012

Phone:  (815) 459-8440 Fax:  (815) 455-8134

Email:  clamb@cclclaw.com

Firm Website:  www.cclclaw.com


            Civil Litigation

            Family Law


Rebecca A. Lamm

Franks, Gerkin & McKenna, P.C.

19333 E. Grant Hwy.

Marengo, IL 60152

Phone:  (815)923-2107

Email:  rlamm@fgmlaw.com

Firm Website:  www.fgmlaw.com



            Tort Law/Civil Litigation/Small Claims

            Debt Collection/Creditor Rights


Kathleen M. Laughlin

Prime Law Group

747 Eastwood Drive

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)338-2040 Fax: (815)338-0526

Email:  klaughlin@primelawgroup.com

Firm Website: www.primelawgroup.com

            Municipal Prosecution


Karen Lavin

The Law Office of KML Associates

850 S McHenry Ave, Suite B

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone: (815)356-0800 Fax: (815)356-0801

Email: frandino1@aol.com

Firm Website: www.karenmlavin.com


Family Law

Estate law


Thomas J. Leahy

The Law Office of David R. Gervais

4 E. Terra Cotta

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)459-2844 Fax:  (815)459-2848

Email: tom@gervaislaw.com

Firm Website:  www.gervaislaw.com

            Family Law


Rebecca Lee

Gummerson Rausch Wand Lee Wombacher, LLC

101 South Benton Street, Suite 201

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)337-7700 Fax:  (815)337-7990

Email: rlee@lawgr.com

Firm Website:  www.lawgr.com



            Family Law


David J. Loughnane

Zukowski, Rogers, Flood & McArdle

50 Virginia Street

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:  (815)459-2050 Fax:  (815)459-9057

Email:  dloughnane@zrfmlaw.com

Firm Website:  www.zrfmlaw.com

            Personal Injury

            Civil Litigation


Dona S. Lowrimore

Attorney at Law

130 1/2 Cass Street

Woodstock, IL 60098

Phone:  (815)334-9053 Fax:  (815)334-9152

Email: lowrimorelaw@prodigy.net

            Family Law