McHenry County Bar Association








MCBA Financial Hardship Policy

Article I


1.1 The Purpose of this policy is to allow the MCBA Board of Governors to reduce or waive the registration fee for any McHenry County Bar Association member/or any attorney who wishes to attend an Association seminar and for whom

the cost would cause a financial hardship.


Article II

Application Procedure

2.1 Requests for a reduction/waiver shall be submitted in writing on a designated CLE Financial Aid Application, along with a seminar registration form, at least one month prior to the seminar date.


2.2 Determination of eligibility for a reduced or waived fee will be made on a case by case basis considering factors including but not limited to the following: income;financial obligations; illness or injury. An applicant for a reduced or waived fee should address these factors in sufficient detail on the application to allow the Board of Governors to make an informed decision.


2.3 The applicant will be informed of the MCBA Board of Governor's decision after the next regularly scheduled meeting. Should an applicant be approved for a reduced fee, that applicant shall be responsible for paying the balance of the registration fee prior to admission into the seminar.


2.4 Financial aid applicants will receive identical materials and refreshments as provided to all other attendees. This policy shall be published at least once yearly in the MCBA Newsletter and a link to the CLE Financial Aid Application shall be provided from the MCBA website.




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